Quick and Healthy? How to Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Week

Are you, like I was, misled by the eye-catching headlines , Lose X pounds in little or no time? Of course you are, but why? Does it make sense to believe that you can lose 10 pounds of fat in a week, if you know that it can, at least not in a healthy way that will know not to be done?

In this article I will show you that there are actually ways quickly, but it’s not healthy for you. We could make a deal, well it is that you have to make a deal with yourself. I’ll show you a method that guarantees of at least 5 pounds per week in the healthiest way (not meaning that it is healthy, but is better than many other diets) and you will also learn why a superfast weight loss is dangerous to your health and the do’s and don’ts in fast weight loss.

First, as promised, : This diet is to speed up your metabolism and it must be followed exactly. You may not spices except salt and pepper. It is important to remember a lot of water, preferably water, isotonic drinks, which means that minerals that make it chemically look like you body fluids added. To this diet a boost be sure, some cardio exercise to do fat burning.

Here is the menu:

Day 1:
Breakfast: ½ grapefruit, 1 toast (no butter), 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
Lunch: 5 fl oz of tuna, 1 toast.
Dinner: 3 oz beef (lean), 10 fluid ounces green beans, 10 fl oz beetroot, 1 small apple, 10 fl oz vanilla ice cream

Day 2:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 toast, ½ banana
Lunch: 10 fluid ounces cottage cheese, 5 salty crackers
Dinner: 2 hot dogs, 10 fluid ounces of broccoli, 5 fluid ounces of carrots, 5 fluid ounces banana, 5 fl oz vanilla ice cream

Day 3:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 toast
Lunch: 5 slices of cheddar cheese, 5 salty crackers, 1 small apple
Dinner: 10 fl oz tuna (canned in water), 10 fl oz beetroot, 10 fl oz cauliflower, 5 fl oz honey melon, 5 fl oz vanilla ice cream.

Already mentioned, it is very important to follow this diet, as it is written above, if it can not work for you in any way change is made.

Now you will learn why this diet is not healthy. First of all, it makes you lose weight faster than the body to burn fat. Even if you drink a lot of weight loss of 20% fat, 40% water and 40% of muscle mass is made​​. So let’s say that until you lost 5 pounds, according to the percentage you about 1 pound of fat lost 2 pounds 2 pounds of water weight and muscle mass. Did you lose so much muscle mass? Probably not. All diets make you lose more than 1-2 pounds per week will burn your muscle mass for energy.

Now, why is that? The body stores the fat in your body for a rainy day (starvation period) and stored if you are on a diet and do not exercise and use your muscles to their full extent your body figures that the muscle is not necessary to save, and they start using it for energy.

The diet above could be executed once per week, but it will not give you a permanent weight loss. In order to lose weight for good you compose your menu to have the right amount of protein, the right kinds of fat and some great carbs. These three nutrients cover our total calorie intake. To be a successful dieter (meaning that the fat is burnt and not the muscle) may be, you should reduce your calorie intake by 10-20% and increase your calorie consumption, and how do you do that? Well, you have to start training and some weight lifting.

Now you know weight fast (I guarantee that the menu above works) so stop looking for any quick weight loss diet. You also know why rapid weight loss is only a temporary weight loss, and most importantly, you know that there are no short cuts to get rid of those extra pounds. It’s really a very simple equation: (caloric intake) – (Calorie burnt) = weight loss / gain. Easy? Yes! But it is not so easy to achieve, because it requires some fundamental change in the attitudes towards food, exercise and body.

If you decide to go on the diet explained, so as a life saver for now, but stop procrastinating and start to lose weight the right way after this panic-fast weight loss.

This article is only an introduction, but if you do still read the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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