The Miracle Manifestation Manual Review

The Miracle Manual Review

The Miracle Manifestation Manual – I remember the first time that I read a book about conscious creation. I was flabbergasted. I was a “you show it to me and I’ll believe it” kind of person. Maybe you have created things in your life through hard work and education, and a few lucky breaks. I thought sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen, and that’s just the way life works.

But the book that I read said… “That’s not the way life works. You can create every aspect of your reality” Whoa – that was incredible.

It was studied a little before I was brave enough to try to create something. It was scary, actually try to manifest something. What if it does not work? Would that mean it really was not true? I did not want to risk the possibility – the concept was too magnificent. I imagined I could do anything, if it were true… more money, more love, more success, more happiness.

I had to try it. I spent 45 minutes a day for 30 days trying to $ 1,000 to manifest. In two months, I had manifested $ 20,000 over my planned result. Out of thin air. I was a believer!

Manifestation-EbookThen I stopped trying.

Fear struck. What if it was just a coincidence? What if I just setting yourself for a big disappointment? What if I really had no control?

It took a long time, until I tried to manifest. I still knew no evidence it worked. And I doubt I ever will. What I have is an inner knowing that … ours is a deeply loving universe and that we are to create a God given power of our reality. That’s all. Just to know.

I also have hundreds of stories of anecdotal evidence that manifestation is real. I’ve seen realities turn on a dime with a little technology.

I remember a trip to the mountains with my family. We met some friends of ours who had led early, and before we left I got a call from them, advise, “You better start programming,” my friend metaphysical. “I know you ordered two adjoining rooms for your family and another room for us, but as the rooms are free, and they are booked, they are free just a room!”

At first I panicked. All seven of us in a room would be impossible. Then I remembered. I have the power to choose and the possibility of what I do. In my world I sat down, stood still, and set the resonance. I remembered all the times in my life, travel plans had become better than expected. I am filled with that knowledge. I expect this situation to come so or even better. I began excitedly. Then I did a quick, but extremely powerful visualization technique. I did it again, and felt it was done. I did not need to repeat it for the third time.

A few minutes later the phone rang. It was my friend, “Good job!” She said, “We have given the room, and you were given a condo We are sitting in it right now! Front of the fireplace with a view to the slopes”

It works so easy. Time and time again I have seen manifestations in my life and in the lives of others that seemed impossible. But they are not. That’s the way reality really works.

It’s complicated, but simple. It takes patience, practice and explore the willingness of who you are and your spiritual realm, but it is possible that manifest every single one of us to your heart’s desires.the Law of Attraction

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