What is Yoga?

lot to many people and to practice usually depends on their knowledge of the subject and their reason for interest or yoga. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanksrit root ‘yuj’ which means union. (Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language). Essentially, an ancient yoga philosophy which originated from different philosophies in India 2500-5000 years or even longer . Lots of people in specially for yoga retreats.What is Yoga

The original philosophies spoke at length about humility. They also talked about letting go of the ego, attachments, anger, and all that separates you from other people and the world around you. This humility allows you, around you to connect the world and to form yoga, or “union” with the world around you. The idea was that the whole world is connected and tap into the sense of unity.

The most important practice of the yoga of ancient times was the understanding of the philosophy, overcoming attachment and action by the justice. This was done to increase one’s own actions or karma as the belief was that by performing good karmas or actions would you lead a happy life that would eventually lead to enlightenment.yoga is

Yoga and meditation and contemplation on the inner self at home, at work or participate in a yoga retreat. The ancient philosophies taught us that human nature was originally one of peace and brings yoga and meditation practice, a return to a state of realization where you can reconnect with their own sense of peace.

The history of this period shows yogis sitting postures like padmasana (lotus pose) performing meditation.

¬†Over time, however, and began to more stress to people’s lives, there was less awareness of the original sense of peace that we all be interpreted in our minds and that began in the body. It dawned awareness that the mind and the body are connected and that when the mind so stressed, then the body would be and also an awareness that if the body could be relaxed then so could dawned and the body . Many people find it useful to yoga retreats to travel to Spain from the stress of life.

This change in practice happens relatively short time about 800 years, and built the foundation for what is now called yoga practice. The theory was that a tense mind makes the body’s muscles tense and relax the muscles in the body by stretching it could bring to the mind relaxed it again closer to its natural state of peace. These formed the basis for the physical practice of yoga, we now know, is formed and around the world at home, work, indoors, outdoors and practiced yoga retreats. Many people travel to visit for example.yoga1

Of course, this version of the theory of the physical practice of yoga is simplified. The reality is that in the theory of the practice of yoga postures and requires a lot of depth, that in order to understand many years there. Yogis at the time of the conversation has been developed and experimented with different positions determined its effect on the mind. They noted that prevention attitudes, while helping with flexibility also helped in the development of ‘pratyahara’ or introversion. They found that ports provide back-bending postures to help the body energy and also the opening of the heart and emotions. They noted also physical benefits of postures. Help twisting postures, oxygen-rich blood to the gastrointestinal system and the pancreas thus help in the prevention of diabetes. They noted that such attitudes are sarvanghasana or shoulder help, help oxygenated blood to the thyroid gland and so with thyroid diseases and metabolic diseases. They observed a positive effect on blood pressure as improved flexibility and support the circulation. They also noted that yoga helped improved results on a regular basis and attend special yoga retreats, their body and mind to focus.

Thus yoga has two paths that are spoken – one is the good mental health, the search for a state of relaxation in mind, a state of peace and for those who want to follow a state of enlightenment. The other way is the way of health. This has also come to mean and include following a healthy diet and is one reason that many yogis to eat healthy and currently offer to yoga retreats in Spain. Many of the ancient texts spoke of a “sattvic ‘or pure diet that can be spoken of as a healthy diet today. It is a diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and, ideally, a vegetarian one where the idea of’ Ahimsa ‘or non-violence again followed in order to create good karma and a quiet internal and external environment.

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